How I’m building in all spaces online

3 min readAug 19, 2020

My growth so far

Future Displate art

This comes about the idea of outing in the form of a diary of my digital art out there In the world!!
On the new side of NFT’s and crypto art and virtual reality worlds, and the product images for selling online

These the firsts collection or a list of tools and procedures that I have taken so far:

I'm in 3 platforms in the free for all crypto art world; Raible and Mintable and recently Creary.
I applied to other 2 more traditional galleries of crypto art with curators on their structure of the business, sadly these galleries are gaining more from being exclusive then participative, or making people twist their backbone for entry, they no longer accept newborn artists, they pretend to lose artists applications or never answer; they are Known Marketplace and as Know Origin.

I rebuild my twitter and all the socials, they are very important for this kind of artistic practice, especially discord and telegram. I was well received by the community immediately, even when im too direct, and even those that provoke a nose bleed are honest and try to interact gracefully.
I noticed and invited by a Kollector for a group almost right away, he did not buy anything, but he inspires and provides healthy discussions and free speech for all showroom of all artists, I hope someday he buys something of mine.
I was also invited to an LGBT server, by another collector/artist of sorts, I’m not LGBT, but they are really inclusive and have a sense o humour, and explain to me all my stupid questions of this nub. They build on the entire virtual world, is fun they really take seriously the all colours thing.
I had only the basic socials networks, now have an entire vault of socials, and safe passwords, I can’t keep track anymore.
Also built and have 2 funnels of links on Twitter and Instagram called swipop and Milkshake (the links will be down below), QR codes for all needs, and the phone is needing of the constant change of apps and dapps.(buy me a new one)

I bought a domain, and I intend to build a website, but I don’t want to be super generic, so I’m like learning web design very slowly, maybe I will have a hard time because would add put stuff like three. js libs and dapps, “the all shebang”.
Now I have a dribble ,sociaty6, displate, Steemit and dtube, Hive ecosystem, etc…to put art on merch and I strive to make and put art in all places support system for artists, so I guess the next step is to be educational, maybe here.
I decorate this post with images that you will be able to buy in displate format and keep an updated journal of all of them.
I’m also building collaborations works with some of the community.