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Sculpture Symbiosis

3 min readAug 17, 2020

On my beginnings of painting digitally and non-digitally, when I started doing art for real, was by painted movie scenes frames that hold some centrality.
I have a background on Fine Arts, I studied and do sculpture mostly in metal and glass, textures are important in life.
One of the main reasons that I chose this art thing, as future, that a future, was a question of a graduated colleague at the university I studied.
Initially, I wanted to follow painting there a delight difference betwine sculpture and painting course in the university of the fine art of Lisbon. As painting has a superior success rating over the sculpture, as belonging on the elites.
He asked me — if you want to paint you can do it at home? right there is no need to take a university course to paint, why do you don’t you stay down here and make sculpture? Also has nudes and anatomy, a lot of fun and is even dirtier and than painting ghosts on the wall.
This is also the foundations of why I’m a generalist, I always try to do both, until I face my “inner master of none”. I end up devouring them all the technics of crafting using materials, working in; Hood, Metal, Plastics, ceramics, glass, coining, and stone, electronics and machining.
On sculpture finalist class, I had my ugly ass teacher of doom, during an evaluation looked at my work, a bathtub connected tubes over a well, the only thing that was approved to reach there. He said — that I’m too much matrix, and your things are aggressive. For a long time, this “critic” annoyed me, and I spent all the fun time trying to cutting and soften all the edges, liking and purifying, curating self-censure. I got so frustrated rather I felt that is was cutting my arm all the time to please this more salad art.
That was when I said fuck it, this not aggressive how can you say that? May my solution be overproduction, and done waves after waves of peace even more aggressive, rustic, complex- just to make the point.
The matrix critic well after seeing all the movies, I never get it why as being matrix looking was a bad thing, and I guess I owned that, there is nothing wrong to have a sculpture matrix-ish.
Fort that I love painting movie scenes because they are not actually paintings, movies are not paintings, they are 4 dimensional, there is time on them, they drag spikes and are accepted. People relate to movies more some times than other people.

This Sculpture Symbiosis, was inspired by the Venom Fox movie trailer, was made on photoshop school version, it took 4 -5 hours.
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