“Raise Your Head” 面を上げろ

3 min readSep 2, 2020

Levels of Difficulty

Let’s say one of the sides that gave me the name Dante, well the most recent, justification is one of scale.
What I mean is that most of my life, doe to a magnified happening of rejection, a moment blindness, I felt that my life would be in a constant level of maximum effort. That there was a natural state for people like me, that no matter what I do I will return to that state. Now some years later I really feel, the height of this. As every time I raise my head the height is doubled.

I call it a level of difficulty- and define it with the label of reference linked to the correspondent scale:

The first is easy only reserved for the rich famous hot people, where they have a way to satisfy all the basic needs, life is easy.

After is a struggle on a normal level, often reserved to neurotics of formulas of normality, they feel no need to get out of the house but they do it.

Then there is hard, by contact to being different, peculiar, not as aspected, dramatic, drown in charismas of uneasiness.

A very hard, similar to defend your life every day for the rest of your life.

And then there is a Dante must Die level of difficulty, that stack all the other scales of difficulty on plain of times against all hods.

Right now this is translated as now the feeling of struggle applies open the eyes, for the height of resolve is massive.
You probably don’t feel this need to open your eyes, for is not a problem of vision, because this is a token, replacing layers of artificial hells that you don’t see. Shown to you the height would feel like a guillotine over your head

(I struggle a lot, not like poor people in Africa, there are people that do allot better at struggling, I’m not like owning the Olympias of struggle.)

The level of difficulty of — Dante must die, comes with a coupon for an artistic request, of painting for the first 2 owners.

All the pieces will be minted on the Zilliqa blockchain as NFTs or crypto art on their levels of difficulty here:


Easy life

Hard then life

A very hard life

Dante must die