Society 6 Merch of weiDante Spartamos

2 min readSep 2, 2020

Starting at the image, was a rejected work I made during high school 2 years, where I had the worst professor of visual arts.

This was digitally painted of a reference of a milk droplet wave, the task was to make a pattern to make a tilery pattern for the entrance of the art classroom, a mural. I made it using a macro lens, and a lot of toys, then I paint in each area in different colours and symmetrised the painting

The professor gave a mediocre grade because she was always pissed. The one the won the project was greek replica drawing a friend of mine that draw really well. But the prise was never given, basically, our professor rip us off XD
You live you learn right?

Now you can find it in my shop on society6 in all kind of formats [HERE]

If I can turn this into an NFT I would I just do not know how ? do you?
What an artist ? huam?