Textures and logos

1 min readAug 29, 2020

I’m trying to make a website for my artistic reference ecosystem, nowadays an artist without internet and website seems inauthentic, less professional, or underground.

The base of the logo

The 1º stallion to mount is a logo, nowadays I have name brand identity that is too long, meaning by rules of design, the most human-readable logo makes the difference.

What you did not notice that he logo got smaller? Identity and phones are merging, bit by bit.

So my idea Is back to roots, I’m sculptor, known for my intensity, making my name Wei intense and Dante humanity fun.

WEIDANTE_SPARTA_MOS is difficult to put a logo that does not compress

This is my idea, I’m textured, my logo needs to be able to mint an image ina rapid fashion, an instant token on all, a signature of authenticity.

I will have to build all over again.